Southern Ontario Dulcimer Association




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Southern Ontario Dulcimer Association

Tune List Revised January 28, 2017

 * Indicates a new addition

A Place in our Hearts

Amazing Grace - 72/76

Ash Grove - 50

Ashoken Farewell

       * Birthday Wedding Waltz

Bonny at Morn

Brian Boru's March

Bridget O'Malley

Burgers and S.O.D.A.

Caspian Lake


Conestoga Waltz

Crested Hens

Da Slocket Light

Dad's Old Jig

Dancing Bear

       * Distressed Soldier

Dona Nobis Pacem

Doodler's Reel

Down by the Sally Gardens (Key of D & G) - 69

Elora Gorge

Evening of Roses (Erev Shel Shoshanim)

Festival Rag

Flop Eared Mule

Francis Lake Soiree

Franz's 1st - 84

French River Flight - 84

Gang Ruef de Brune (Alpine Herdsmen's S)

Gentle Maid

       * Gentleman's Jig

Georgian Bluffs

Golden Slippers (with words)

Grenadier and the Lady (The)

Harvest Home

Hymn to Joy (Ode to Joy)

Irishwasherwoman (See John Ryan's Polka)

Jacky Tar

Jasmine Flower

Jenny Lind Polka - 108/112

Jenny's Lullaby

John Ryan's Polka/Irish Washerwoman

Josephine's Waltz

Joys of Quebec

Katushka - 132

King of the Fairies

La Camancha (Traditional Mexican) - 69

Liberty - 88/92

Log Driver's Waltz (with words)


Manitoba Golden Boy

March of St. Timothy - 100

Minor Swing - 80

Minuet in G

Missouri - 88/92

Mist Covered Mountains of Home

Misty Morning Waltz (The) (Key of G & D) - 66

       * New Five Cents

Nonesuch (Key of Em and Am) - 80

O Canada (Key of G & D)

Off She Goes

Old Joe Clark - 108

Over the Waterfall - 88/92

Pachelbel's Canon

Pete's Prance

Peter's Kick

Piper's Glen

Planxty Cathy McCoon

Pleasure House Rag

Prairie Flower - 92

Red Wing - 94

Redheaded Girl/Between two Worlds

Road Home (The)

Road to Lisdoonvarna - 69

Sandy's Fancy (Key of G & D) - 80

Scollay's Reel

Shepherd's Hey

Si Bheag, Si Mhor - 108

Simple Gifts (Key of G & D) - 80

Skye Boat Song

Slovac Folk Tune

Slumber My Darling

Southwind (G & D)

St. Anne's Reel

Star of the County Down (The)

Summer's End

Swallow Tail Jig - 108

Swedish Walking Tune

Sweet Soda - 92


       * Tumbledown Road

Tyrone March - 88/92

Washington Square

Westphalia Waltz - 66 (Revised)

Where the White Lilies Grow - 69

Whiskey Before Breakfast - 84

Wilderness Lament